Marty Nothstein: What To Consider When Becoming A Professional Track Cyclist

Track cycling is a highly competitive sport that attracts many people who want to get into cycling as a sport. Track cyclists are professionals and are paid to compete in races, so they need to be good at what they do or they will lose their job. If you’re thinking about becoming a professional track cyclist, read on to learn more about what the job entails and what it takes to succeed in this cycling sport.

First, A Word About Track Cycling From The Legend

Marty Nothstein is a multi-awarded track cyclist and Olympic medalist, often revered as a cycling legend in the said sport. He believes that the first thing to know about track cycling is that it’s a sport for specialists.

If you’re not really into the idea of spending all your time on your bike and becoming an expert at it, then maybe try something else. Track cycling is also an individual sport, which means that each competitor has their own schedule and training plan.

There are no teams or coaches who can help them with their track cycling performance. What makes track cycling events so challenging is that they require both speed and endurance – two qualities most people don’t naturally possess in equal measure!

Track Cycling Is A Sport For Cycling Specialists

Marty Nothstein If you want to be a successful track cyclist, you need to be very good at the said cycling sport. You also need to be physically fit and strong, as well as mentally tough and ready for the long hours of track cycling training that go into preparing for the races.

It’s Not Cheap To Get Started In Track Cycling

Finally, becoming a professional track cyclist is not cheap. You’ll need to consider the costs of equipment, training, travel, and coaching. While the cost of a bike might be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about how much it will cost to get started in track cycling, there are other expenses that you need to account for as well, such as equipment, training, and nutritional supplements.